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OSCARS 2014: How The Internet and The Oscars Shaped Each Other

It's that time of the year again, where our most loved actors and actresses, brilliant directors, producers, film composers, all the people behind our favorite movies, and of course, us the audience, have been waiting for: the Annual Oscars. And once again, like last year, I am only watching from afar- from a computer screen, and occasionally asking my office seatmate on who's winning (he was checking it more than I do apparently), like most of us, I presume. And even though I haven't seen the whole program, I immediately thought of the whole thing as an awesome awards show because of all the hollabaloos that was spreading around the internet. 

And now, here are thoughts of mine from what I've seen so far:

Our dearest Leo didn't win an oscar. 

Another Oscar had passed Leonardo DiCaprio, with him not carrying home a gold trophy of his. When will Leo finally get an award? He deserves to be honored for all the hardwork he's been doing, even though he says he doesn't need it. WE JUST WANT LEO TO BE HAPPY.  

I am really looking forward to that moment. The next time Leo's nominated, I will be on the internet. I wanna see the people of the internet rejoice! We got your back Leo!

I found THIS on the internet, and it basically summarizes all the feelings for this.

Jennifer Lawrence: On Tripping, and Nicholas Hoult

I AM ACTUALLY HAPPY THEY ARE BACK TOGETHER AGAIN!!! (No offence to Peeta, but I like Beast for JLo more :)) ) and they're so cute at the Oscars, laughing and all. My heart is so happy for them :)

Also, this is a got-to-mention: she tripped once again! We may have remembered last year:

Now today:

Oh Jennifer Lawrence, even when you fall you're still adorable. Only next time you may wanna pick the right shoes, cause we don't want you breaking anything from your body.


Frozen won Best Animated Film, and Best Song for Let It Go! I'm a proud fan :D


OH! OH! OH! And let's get rupert to take a selfie with him too!!!


There was so many awesome moments at the Oscars, and it's mainly because of Ellen.

images are mostly from buzzfeed, tumblr, twitter, and google.

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So yeah, I had been neglecting everything from nearly, almost a year now. By everything, I mean my blogs, my pages, my tumblr (BOO!), my everything! Even YouTube! And it's making me so sad that I can't make time for them, because I can't balance everything, because I HAVE WORK.

Yea. The version of Me that has office work 8 hours everyday, 5 days a week. I didn't even thought before that I'd get a job, and that I'd just let my mind and soul, and body be one with the internet. But I can't do that anymore cause I have work.

Don't get me wrong I like what I do, it's just that I miss what I was doing before getting a job, like lying around staring at the ceiling, while listening to whatever's on, sleeping during the day, blogging, youtube, tumblr, I miss them all.

But I'm still lucky I got a job that I know I can survive from. That was one of my biggest worries, that I wouldn't like the job that I'd get. But why would I get a job I know I won't like?

I really wish I'd get to do this more often. This blogging.

and I really wish I was really good at it.

Happy Holidays!

P.S. I'm just gonna put this here

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Paper Towns

This is the fourth book of John Green I've read so far (The Fault in our Stars being the first, then Will Grayson, Will Grayson with David Levithan, and Let It Snow with Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle), and I have to admit, judging by the title and the book cover, I thought it will be, at least, the least interesting book he's written (and i've yet to read Alaska and Katherines), but really, you do NOT judge a book by its covers, let alone the skill of an author. 

With that said, I really found Paper Towns so open minded and deep, to the point that you just have to agree with what the characters are saying. I mean, they do made sense. Also the book teaches us that there really are people who cares. 

<spoiler hints follows>

I, too, sometimes think of just going to a place and just staying there. I love traveling and when I get to a place that's new to me, I always think if what if I stayed here, or how will I live, how will I get food, or a job, or friends? I almost prepare myself and tell myself that I want to stay, or rather, leave to stay, but I can't help but think about what i'm going to leave behind. Family, current job, seeing friends, shelter, home, and all that stuff. Sure I call it scared, for it kinda is, but I'm not really ashamed, cause one i am certainly not ready for that kind of move, and two, there's nothing wrong with being scared. But like in the book, it's really great and exciting to have a story so different and so exotic to tell one day. 

Although i'm still on skipping classes, i am not a fan of running away without leaving a clear intention or saying goodbye properly, skipping graduation, or let alone going to one without any clothes under your toga ( although i must admit it would be really funny to witness an intentional nudity exposure, not for perverted reasons but for just plain fun and humor xD)

Anyway it's a great book. read it in one night. and i'm now on Katherines. 

Haven't posted the other books i've finished, i'll consolidate my thoughts and try to remember them to post later. 
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The Rise of Nine

I'm so happy I get to finish another book! And yes, it's the third book of Pittacus Lore.

Every time I get to read this saga, I'm always amazed in how much action it contained, and at the same time enjoying them. I also liked the idea of how this contains not just romance, but loads and loads of things like friendship, trust, security, family, and the list goes on.

I also had greater understanding of their situation, for the author provides different point of views from different Gardes (that's what Four and the others call themselves). It was kind of confusing at first, especially at this third book when there were three people telling their stories. But the font face of the text gives away whether who was talking.

Anyway, I can't wait for the next book! They haven't found Five yet, and i'm so eager to know him. Or her. Second movie I heard is also near so I'm gonna watch that too.

(All the while I keep imagining Alex Pettyfer, Dianna Agron, and the rest of the cast being perfect for the role. I also can't wait for Teresa Palmer -Six- cause she's on Warm Bodies and she's gorgeous! And a whole lotta cast in my mind that would make a nice separate post for a dream cast)

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Why We Broke Up

I'm on a reading spree and I hope this goes on for a long time 'cause there really are a number of books just sitting here, pending, waiting to be read. Thus, I have started, and finished this one.

Reading this, may, will have you remember your own painful breakup. Maybe you'll even wanna try doing what Min (the girl in the book) did to try to move on from their break up.

I felt what Min had felt, not only because of Daniel Handler's skill of storytelling, but also because I am a girl. Not that I had encountered exactly what happened to her, but, I think that that's how I'm gonna reach to her situation.

One thing, however, was that I was left hanging. I wanted to know more what happened to Ed after. What was his reaction to what Min did. But that's the point of the book. That's how it was written. And I truly appreciate that.

Each of us handle loss differently. Each of us has that day of self pity and self loathing. But one thing this book tells me is that you can never have no one. You always have someone, even though you didn't knew it.

T'was a nice book. Also thumbs up for the artworks, it made the whole thing so much real.

Go read it! :)

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Warm Bodies: A Novel

As much as I would love to have the original cover for this novel, the film adaption would do just fine. Not to mention the fact that Nicholas Hoult (and Teresa Palmer) would be the cover in my copy would be... (Containing inner fangirl in its rightful place) nice :))

But that's only the skin. What about the core?

The movie had a little difference between the book. Well, it was expected. But the story is almost equally the same. Music in the book is also equally awesome, although the movie did had a different playlist than the book (More Beatles in the book :")) )

Enjoyed reading this in a day (I couldn't put it down I just had to finish it!) and it's definitely a must-read! :D