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Day 4: Little Prince

So a lot has happened on this day, and I can't summarize everything in one explanation. But this I can say: we may fall down, but there's no reason no not get back up again. We make mistakes, and there are consequences and suffering, but all of those, if you'll notice, are already past. This is now, this is what counts. There will be better days.

I'm still suffering from mental block (and I think that's why yesterday's song is a little too strained) and I really hate it. I really wanna make a good one.

Shathree - Little Prince
Shared from strum-along

7th - Em-C-G-D

Little prince
you carry the weight of the world
Little prince
how much have you lost

little prince
is your heart still whole
little prince
lie down and rest your soul

Little prince
stand up and take the fall
little prince
you’ll survive it all

little prince
it’s not fair for you to take it in
little prince
i’m sorry you’re a mess we’ve made

wear a crown on your head
allow yourself to shed
leave the past behind
you’re learning ahead

cause i know this is just a test
cause we know it’ll hurt much less
somehow you’ll be okay now
and i won’t know how
but you’ll be fine somehow

wear a crown on your head
allow yourself to shed
leave the past behind
you’re learning ahead

cause i know this is just a test
cause we know it’ll hurt much less
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Day 3: Electricity - unfinished

Yesterday I tried to make another for my streak, but sadly, I can't make myself finish it, and I don't know why. I have it, but it just feels too... forced. So I decided to leave it at that and not record it, in hopes that one day I get to go back to this again and finish it. It's got so much more than it has now.

But then today I thought, it's still something to blog about. So here it is, the unfinished one.

Song #3 - unfinished

Will you do it to me again
The things I feel makes me insane
I can't believe it, it's not the same
A whole new different world in flame

I've never felt it with anyone else
Is it just me, is it just one more game
Behind my mind is curiosity
Is this a "we" or is this a "me"

Cause every time i'm with you
I never wanna let you go
I play an actress who don't have a heart
But deep inside I play another part

I hope you know thatevery time 
I feel your touch I feel

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Day 2: Can't Go Back

It's about the places I've been that I'm always missing.

Shathree - Can't Go Back
Shared from strum-along 

have you ever missed a place before
the air you felt, made you hands cold
have you tasted the best kind of candy
and wished you can have again

walked around with your feet sore
but you can't stop, you can't stop now

somewhere in this city i can see
life and it's beautiful
and then I, feel a, smile a warm embrace
telling me that i am home

holding on to the love i wore
before the moment's gone

this is what i feel when i take one more step ahead
like there's no rewind, no turning back
i see a new beginning shining like a star so bright
and it's telling me, that i can't go back, can't go back now

(7th fret CGAmF)
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DAY 1: Carry On

So I've been busy at work, and I feel like art and graphic design and adobe is consuming me. SO, I've decided to give myself an exercise. A songwriting exercise.

Everyday (decided to keep a streak) I'll write a song and post in on my music tumblr, about a certain topic. Anything under everything. I don't know. And yesterday I managed to make my first exercise song! yay! With the help of a site. It generates a plot spline and then you make a song about it. I found it so interesting that I tested it and yeah it worked. But I got back on it today and I felt that I didn't want my song today to be from there, so still working on song #2.

Anyway, here's what I had for my Song #1 (also posted on my tumblr)

Shathree - Carry On 
Shared from strum-along 

She’s coming on to him like the waves crashing on deck
she’s coming on to him hard
never been in a lonely place before
what was she doing there

oh hooo
walking on
oh hoo
carry on my love

He’s coming on to her like a bus speeding fast
past where she’s standing
he’s throwing stones on the water
what he’s doin how should i know

oh hoo
walking on
oh hoo
carry on my love

Isn’t love so mysterious
how to explain
oh did love cared to let them meet
we don’t know
how should we know

oh hoo
walking on
oh hoo
carry on my love

(4th fret C9GEmD)
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OSCARS 2014: How The Internet and The Oscars Shaped Each Other

It's that time of the year again, where our most loved actors and actresses, brilliant directors, producers, film composers, all the people behind our favorite movies, and of course, us the audience, have been waiting for: the Annual Oscars. And once again, like last year, I am only watching from afar- from a computer screen, and occasionally asking my office seatmate on who's winning (he was checking it more than I do apparently), like most of us, I presume. And even though I haven't seen the whole program, I immediately thought of the whole thing as an awesome awards show because of all the hollabaloos that was spreading around the internet. 

And now, here are thoughts of mine from what I've seen so far:

Our dearest Leo didn't win an oscar. 

Another Oscar had passed Leonardo DiCaprio, with him not carrying home a gold trophy of his. When will Leo finally get an award? He deserves to be honored for all the hardwork he's been doing, even though he says he doesn't need it. WE JUST WANT LEO TO BE HAPPY.  

I am really looking forward to that moment. The next time Leo's nominated, I will be on the internet. I wanna see the people of the internet rejoice! We got your back Leo!

I found THIS on the internet, and it basically summarizes all the feelings for this.

Jennifer Lawrence: On Tripping, and Nicholas Hoult

I AM ACTUALLY HAPPY THEY ARE BACK TOGETHER AGAIN!!! (No offence to Peeta, but I like Beast for JLo more :)) ) and they're so cute at the Oscars, laughing and all. My heart is so happy for them :)

Also, this is a got-to-mention: she tripped once again! We may have remembered last year:

Now today:

Oh Jennifer Lawrence, even when you fall you're still adorable. Only next time you may wanna pick the right shoes, cause we don't want you breaking anything from your body.


Frozen won Best Animated Film, and Best Song for Let It Go! I'm a proud fan :D


OH! OH! OH! And let's get rupert to take a selfie with him too!!!


There was so many awesome moments at the Oscars, and it's mainly because of Ellen.

images are mostly from buzzfeed, tumblr, twitter, and google.

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So yeah, I had been neglecting everything from nearly, almost a year now. By everything, I mean my blogs, my pages, my tumblr (BOO!), my everything! Even YouTube! And it's making me so sad that I can't make time for them, because I can't balance everything, because I HAVE WORK.

Yea. The version of Me that has office work 8 hours everyday, 5 days a week. I didn't even thought before that I'd get a job, and that I'd just let my mind and soul, and body be one with the internet. But I can't do that anymore cause I have work.

Don't get me wrong I like what I do, it's just that I miss what I was doing before getting a job, like lying around staring at the ceiling, while listening to whatever's on, sleeping during the day, blogging, youtube, tumblr, I miss them all.

But I'm still lucky I got a job that I know I can survive from. That was one of my biggest worries, that I wouldn't like the job that I'd get. But why would I get a job I know I won't like?

I really wish I'd get to do this more often. This blogging.

and I really wish I was really good at it.

Happy Holidays!

P.S. I'm just gonna put this here